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The Competence Development Centre is a department of the Central Mining Institute which offers various types and forms of education and training.

We offer:

  • PhD and postgraduate studies,
  • Specialized courses and training;
  • Access to the richest library in the Upper Silesia region in the field of mining and environmental engineering;
  • Patent and standardization services;
  • Publishing services;
  • Translation agency.

At your disposal are modernly equipped, air-conditioned lecture rooms, lecture hall for one hundred people, library of science and dining facilities. Our Centre is also tailored to the needs of people with disabilities.

We are able to carry out specialized courses targeted at mining and industry, especially:

  • Underground hard coal extraction
  • Surface and structure protection
  • Seismology and mining seismology
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Preventing natural mining hazards
  • Technical Acoustics and vibrations
  • Coal gasification and liquefaction
  • Coal preparation and waste recovery
  • Coal mining waste management
  • Water and sewage management
  • Explosives for civil use
  • Safe handling of asbestos-containing materials
  • Natural radioactivity and radioactive pollution at the workplace and in the natural environment
  • Sustainable development - the integration of environmental, economic and social policies
  • Risk management and safety in the industry
  • Explosion-proof protection in the industry
  • Sustainable energy technologies

The above list is only a proposed framework. Specific programs and the duration of each course will be determined on the basis of the guidelines. We are also open to suggestions about training courses other than those listed above, related to the activities of GIG.

Based on our cooperation with one of the best universities in Poland, which is the Warsaw School of Economics, we also offer the postgraduate program “Masters of Business Administration”, entirely run by the experienced faculty of the same university.

The Competence Development Centre also offers a range of ordered training courses, prepared specially for the needs of specific customers. Dedicated training is usually carried out at the customer’s site, based on a program developed by GIG in consultation with the client. Such solutions lead to training which fully corresponds to the needs of the customer.

We invite you to begin cooperating with us.


Contact: Competence Development Centre
                  Central Mining Institute
                  Plac Gwarków 1, 40-166 Katowice, Poland

  telephone: +48/32/259-26-04, +48/32/259-26-17
  fax: +48 32 259-27-74